Public Warning System

The Czech Republic has well developed warning and alerting system, operated  by the Federal Ministry of the Interior / the Fire Rescue Service. The signals are activated, depending on the type of situation, either centrally or locally.

The main aim is quick warning and alerting of population in case of immediate danger, disaster or crisis.

Warning and alerting signals:

„General caution"

  • this is the only warning signal for warning of population for all cases of danger
  • it is warble tone of sirens lasting for 140 seconds
  • the signal may be repeated twice






GC.mp3 General_caution.mp3 (148,67 KB)


„Test of sirens"

Every first Wednesday in a month at 12:00 a.m. the test of sirens is carried out across the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The test on one hand serves the testing of the technical equipment of the warning and alert system, and on the other hand is supposed to make the population acquainted with the warning and alerting system.







TofS.mp3 Test_of_sirens.mp3 (147,00 KB)

After „General caution" warning signal you should

  • immediately enter the nearest building
  • close all doors and windows
  • switch a TV or radio on and follow the instructions


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