How to Report an Emergency (1)

Each of us can get involved in a certain situation where he/she can become a witness or participant of (or at a pinch even affected by) an event threatening our health, life, possessions or safety. The Fire Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region in partnership with the Police of the Czech Republic - the city police headquarters of Brno and Diocesan Charity of Brno offers you several advices what to do in case of emergency when you need to call for help.


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You should know that in the Czech Republic there are several telephone numbers for announcing emergency. You will probably think of numbers that have stuck in your mind, such as 150, 155, 158, or even 112. Now, how to remember which number refers to which organ?

Hint 1: TRAFFIC LIGHTS - each light colour refers to a car of a particular organ - the fire brigade usually has red cars, ambulance yellow cars and police green and white cars so far.


Fire brigade




Police of CR





Hint 2: SYMBOL - the last number of the fire brigade is "0" - it may remind you of a curled up fire hose. The last number of ambulance is "5" - which may remind you of a wheelchair. Finally, the last number of the police is "8" - reminding of handcuffs.

150 155 158

There are two more important telephone numbers:



Integrated European number for emergency calls


City (Municipal) Police


When to call which number?

To settle the matter as fast as possible we recommend calling such organ which has the most to do with the happening.

150 Fire brigade - notification of fires, explosions, natural disasters, leaking of dangerous chemicals, technical accidents, rescuing people, etc.

155  Ambulance - an unforeseen peril of one's life or health problems

158  Police of the CR - theft, violence, finding of a corpse, a serious traffic accident, finding of a suspicious object (live munitions), etc.

156 City (Municipal) Police - (if there is one instituted in the city/village) - vandalism, petty crime, parking endangering public safety, noise pollution during the night.

112  The integrated European number for emergency calls - always in case of emergency when more organs are needed. Beside others, this line is special for its staff - the operators can speak common foreign languages. It is run by the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.


All the numbers are available for 24 hours a day. The lines are for free and you can call these numbers from your mobile phone even with no credit or SIM card. However, be aware of the fact that an abuse of these lines is a crime. Thanks to modern technologies the caller can be found and caught. The emergency lines were established for emergency calls only. The rescue squad, who is asked to solve non-existent case, may be needed somewhere else!

There is no problem if you call a wrong number. Particular organs will share your phone call with each other. Most likely you will just have to repeat the same information which you already referred to a different operator a while ago. However, it takes valuable time and the rescue squad will set out later.

How to declare an emergency correctly?

Before you make an emergency call, make sure you are safe (adequate distance from the fire or the place of accident)! Steady yourself, orientate yourself in the surroundings (the operator will want to know where exactly the accident took place). Try to speak slowly, calmly and clearly during your phone call.

Tell the operator:


  • give a description and extent of the accident, a number of casualties or endangered people, e.g.:

"I'm reporting a fire in a flat on the 4th floor of a block of flats, it is a four-storeyed house".


  • give the exact address or description of the place if possible, e.g.

"In Brno - Líšeň, in Vlkova street number 90"

(considering that there are identical names of streets in many towns of the CR, it is necessary to give the name of the town/village where you are, eventually also a district!)


  • give the name and a contact to the caller, e.g.:

"My name is Lea Bauerová, my telephone number is ..."

Do not hang up, perhaps the operator will have some more questions. After you have finished the phone call, do not switch your mobile off. The operator may call you back for verification or more details!

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