How to act when leaving the house/building during evacuation? (16)

If evacuation has been declared, no matter if you are at home, in your office or the shopping centre, it is important to know, what to do before your departure and how to act during leaving the building.  The Fire Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region in partnership with the Police of the Czech Republic - the city police headquarters of Brno and Diocesan Charity of Brno offers you some basic information about how to act during evacuation and what we should not forget to do.

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Who decides about upcoming evacuation?

Evacuation is a complex of steps for fast, safe, and effective transport of people, animals and property from an endangered building or area to the space which is out of danger.

Evacuation may be ordered by the officer in charge (within his/her authority) during the rescue work, by the employer for his own building, by the city manager within the area of his/her city or village, by the mayor of municipality of a province for his/her administrative district of the province, and by the governor of a district for a part of a region of his/her district.

How can you find out about upcoming evacuation?

If there is a danger of delay - e.g. a danger of explosion, leakage of dangerous chemicals, destruction of a building, and storm-sewage during a special flood - you will learn about it from the public address system. If the PA system does not exist, you will hear about it from police/city police radio cars, from the employer or building keeper.

If there is no danger of delay - e.g. natural floods, long-lasting collapse of power supply - except for the methods mentioned above, you will learn about it also from media, esp. from the Czech TV and Czech Broadcasting.

How to act correctly during the short-term escape from the house/building?

If you suppose to be returning to your house/office within several hours, follow the next steps:

  • turn of all gas and electric gadgets which are still on
  • unplug the electric gadgets (except for the fridge and freezer)
  • put out the open fire (a fireplace, stove, candles...)
  • turn off the heating (gas boiler)
  • turn off all the lights before you leave
  • take your pets with you
  • lock the flat/office
  • make sure that everyone else in the building knows about the evacuation
  • leave the building following the exit signs or instructions of the manager of evacuation.

Stay calm while leaving the building. Help disabled people. After you leave the building, gather at the appointed place for recording evacuated persons. It is necessary to register to prevent rescuers from pointless attempts to find you in ruins of the building in case of a casualty.

How to act correctly during the long-term escape from the house/building?

Your most important business when leaving the house for a longer time is to pack the evacuation luggage. You will find the steps for appropriate packing of the luggage and its best contents on our webpage listed below.

If you have packed your evacuation luggage and the order for leaving the house has been given, follow the steps mentioned in the previous chapter.

Beside that (in case of long-term evacuation) turn off the principal gas and water seal (in case of floods the electricity as well). Stick a sign with a message on the main entrance door of the flat. The message should include names of evacuated people, time of evacuation and address and phone number of the evacuated one(s) where he/she/they can be reached. This is important to do especially if you are going to stay out of official places appointed for accommodating the evacuated ones (e.g. at your summer cottage or relatives' place).

You do not have to worry about your house. The evacuated area will be guarded by the police or army. Unauthorized persons will not be let in to this area.

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