How to act if you find suspicious luggage or another item (18)

Sometimes you may happen to find (e.g. in a tram) a briefcase, which may seem to belong to nobody. The Fire Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region in partnership with the Police of the Czech Republic - the city police headquarters of Brno and Diocesan Charity of Brno will advise you what to do in such cases.


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Suspicious luggage

You may find a suspicious item - luggage in different means of public transport, in waiting rooms, at the station, at stops, in the park, in supermarkets, and at other places. You will usually find a parcel, briefcase, and suchlike. Luggage, besides chemicals, and biological and radioactive substances, may also include explosives. You can never be 100 per cent sure what is inside. Therefore we advise you to follow our instructions:

What should you do?

  • stay calm and stand clear
  • by no means touch, open and move the luggage (since you do not know what is inside). Due to your unskilled manipulation it might explode, dangerous chemicals could spread out, and criminalistic traces may get lost - fingerprints and suchlike.
  • if you find luggage e.g. in a waiting room, call emergency line 112. Give them all necessary information (besides the basic facts give a description of the luggage - appearance, signs, labels, and suchlike)
  • follow the operator's instructions
  • warn other people around

Next similar cases:

"White powder" finding

After 11th September there appeared cases in the USA when packets of white powder were sent to people. At that time it was a very dangerous biological substance - anthrax, which was the reason why several people fell ill. All similar suspicions in this country were just false alarm. However, you need to be careful. What should you do in case you find strewn "white powder" or if you receive a suspicious parcel?

  • if you happen to find strewn (not only white) powder at a public place or in a means of transport, do not get close to it (you do not know what it is - in a best-case scenario, it may be just sugar, however, it could also be extremely dangerous substance)
  • call the emergency line 112 immediately
  • warn other people around
  • wait for the rescue team in a safe distance and give them your personal details in case of possible subsequent medical test
  • if you receive a suspicious packet by mail, do not open it, do not shake it, but call the emergency line 112 and follow the operator's instructions

Misfired charge finding

  • stand clear from the place of finding (at least 100m or more)
  • call the emergency line 112
  • follow the operator's instructions

warn other people around so that they did not get close to that place. Wait until the police or rescue team arrive. They will secure the place of finding until the pyrotechnists arrive.

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